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Yu Yu Hakusho Ghost Files Dark Tournament PS2
Hit anime series, this is a game to play with Playstation 2!

 Yu Yu Hakusho Ghost Files Dark Tournament PS2

Team Urameshi comes to next gen gaming with Yu-Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament! Based on the hit Yu-Yu Hakusho anime series, Dark Tournament takes our young hero, Yusuke, and his band of martial arts pals, on an epic journey of courage and daring. Recently escaped from Maze Castle, Koenma immediately sends our tired heroes on another impossible mission. Up against the evil and powerful Toguro brothers, Team Urameshi will battle it out in fantastic, martial arts match-ups, fighting for the Dark Tournament championship.

In Spirit Detective, guide Yusuke through exciting adventures taken directly from the popular series, chronicling the first third of the hero's 112-episode animated journey. Play as any one of six characters from the show and battle the most intense enemies.

Features: Travel through 22 action-packed RPG levels offering more than 30 hours of gameplay.
Choose from six playable characters, including Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, Hiei, Botan and Kayko.
Use your favorite signature attacks from the animation such as Yusuke's 'Spirit Gun', Kuwabara's 'Spirit Sword' and Kurama's 'Rose Whip'.
Encounter loads of menacing enemies from the animated series, such as Rando, Suzaku and many more.
Customize characters with new attacks and weapons.
Journey through the Spirit World, conquer Yusuke's enemies and master each quest as you become a true Spirit Detective.
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