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Tracey Mallett 3 in 1 Pregnancy System DVD
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 Tracey Mallett 3 in 1 Pregnancy System DVD

You will maintain and increase your muscle tone, gain flexibility and feel wonderful the 3-in-1 way! 3 Disciplines: Pilates / Yoga / Strength Training. Tracey's carefully paced routine merges 3 routines into one. Soothing Yoga will calm, Pilates will maintain flexibility and improve posture, while Weight exercises will sculpt your way to a beautiful physique. 3 Stages: Pre-Pregnancy / 9 Months / Post Pregnancy. Perfect for any woman expecting to be expecting, our system will prepare your body for what's coming, get you through your 9 months in optimal physical condition, and then return your figure and vitality in no time at all. 3 Body Sections: Upper Body / Core / Lower Body. Pregnancy affects the whole body, so your routine must as well. Each of the 3 sections are treated with specially designed movements. The midsection benefits with our Pilates-based exercises are critical to maintaining your shape, easing pain, and maintaining flexibility.
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