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Star Wars Starfighter Special Edition
Star Wars Starfighter offers a complex, epic storyline and intense action

 Star Wars Starfighter Special Edition

The highly anticipated Star Wars Starfighter offers a fantastic 3D graphics, and intense action gameplay. Game controls are simple and accessible, allowing for a straightforward, exhilarating game experience. This Special Edition includes enhanced graphics, five bonus missions, and new two-player modes.

You'll fly 14 missions in 14 different richly detailed environments, exploring planets and the outer reaches of space. May the Force be with you, young starfighter pilot.

As in the original, you play as one of three pilots, each with a different ship. Rhys, a cocky Naboo pilot-in-training, flies a Naboo N-1 starfighter. It's quick, agile, adept at dogfighting, and armed with proton torpedoes, laser cannons, and deflector shields. Vana, a Naboo expatriate, roams the galaxy as a gun-for-hire. Her ultra-fast ship has stealth capabilities, sensors, tracking devices, and an array of weaponry.
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OS: Xbox, PlayStation2
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