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Rock em Sock em Robots Plug Play TV Game
Plug and play now with your TV the classic game!

 Rock em Sock em Robots Plug Play TV Game

The classic game of rock'em sock'em is back after 35 years. The original robots red rocker and blue bomber are featured in the game.

Also available for play TV. Now your play with directly your TV, just plug and play Rock Em Sock Em Robots Game.

Using almost any TV, this classic game of battling robots in cool Plug and Play format features two controllers for a real head-to-head slugfest! This fast-action arcade-style fighting game has four different fighting modes!

Kids can battle it out with one or two players with the original Red Rocker and Blue Bomber and up to eight new robot characters, each with their own personality and special moves. Pick your own robot and choose between nine different arenas to make your stand. Ages 6 and up.

Object of the game : Players try to move the robots into position and hammer their opponent robot until his block comes off. Age : 5 years and up!
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