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Pirate Ship Park
Take on the challenge of creating a thrilling two foot tall!

 Pirate Ship Park

Ahoy! Yer maties looking for a thrill? Landlubbers be warned - this Pirate Ship Park is only for me hearties. This product needn’t be all rough and unpleasant. In this sunny and cheerful play set from K’Nex, we see the happier side of buccaneer living as the seafaring brutes have evidently abandoned their life of crime on the high seas and opted to open a theme park complete with pirate themed rides.

The 462-piece kit allows budding engineers to construct three motorized models: a g-force ride with spinning seats, a swinging ship ride (the one perhaps most familiar to anyone who’s attended a carnival), and a boom ride with the pirate ship being counter-weighted by a boom. There are four pirate guys on hand to go aboard the rides, enjoy the fun, and put the whole unpleasant walk-the-plank lifestyle behind them.
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