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Parents magazine
The Magazine Choice for Infant's Parents!

 Parents magazine

Clean, clear, dynamic and authoritative, Parents is the one stop source for childrearing and family focused information. From pregnancy to preschool, from toddlers to teens, Parents offers an unprecedented level of practical guidance and frontline insights.

This comprehensive publication draws on the editorial expertise of top experts in the field and the most credible experts of all, parents themselves. The result is a magazine where parenthood issues, inspiration, advice and support take center stage. That's why the most informed, influential parents subscribe to Parents magazine.

Parents magazine's main content areas include
Pregnancy Information, advice, reassurance and support everything expectant parents need to know, whether they're expecting their first or their fifth. Articles cover all trimesters and subjects of special concern. * Health & Safety Need to know, authoritative information presented in a practical, easy to understand way. This section draws on the latest research to give parents the expert advice and insight they need to handle everyday health concerns, from colds to chicken pox. Food Combining food and nutrition, this section helps answer the age old question, "What's for dinner?" with something delicious and nutritious every month. * Living A section chock full of information for and advice on the grown up part of your life finances, work, relationships and balancing it with your responsibilities as a parent. * Travel Information on how to make family travel easy, enjoyable and affordable. The travel section is literally a survival guide for families on the go. What to pack, tips for car travel, baby's first flight and Deal of the Week, weekly round up of special deals geared to families from airlines to hotels to fun filled destinations.

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