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Newborn Toddler Bath Center and Shower
Beautiful bath center for infant. Age: Newborn at 24 months

 Newborn Toddler Bath Center and Shower

Rub-a-dub-dub, infants and babies in the tub! From earliest infancy to toddlerhood, this bath center and shower provides five options for getting your wee one squeaky clean. The removable battery-operated shower provides a (very) gentle rinse spray. A three-position bath sling grows with Baby, allowing parents to bathe her/him in the sink, fully reclined in the tub, or upright in the tub. Remove the sling when the child gets a little older, for a comfy kid-size tub and shower. And finally, for your big girl or boy toddler, remove the tub altogether but keep the shower for use in full-size tub. Features foam pad for comfort, a wide design for stability and easy access to bathe child, fabric sling that can be located in three positions depending on baby’s size, drain plug for easy water removal, removable battery-operated shower unit, and a color change strip on shower unit that indicates rinse water temperature. Tub hangs for convenient storage. Four AA batteries required (not included).

Stage 1: Bath sling horizontal (0-6 wks) with soft head support cushion
Stage 2: Bath sling reclined (6 wks-4mos)
Stage 3: Bath sling semi-reclined within tub (4-7mos)
Stage 4: Full Tub (7 mos and up)
Stage 5: Use shower alone
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