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Mr Beer Micro Brewery Beer Making Kit
Micro-Brewery Beer Making Kit!

 Mr Beer Micro Brewery Beer Making Kit

Brew premium beers right in your own home. For the beer connoiseur in your life, this Micro-Brewery Beer Making Kit will really make that first beer taste especially good. Mr. Beer is an advanced and widely acclaimed home brewing product. Modern technology combined with select ingredients assures reliable results the first time, every time. Brews twenty 12oz. beers each week. Ready to enjoy your first beer in 14 days. Second batch can start brewing in 7 days. The beer naturally carbonates in the bottle and has good head.

There are no industrial CO2 cartridges needed to provide pressure, beer head, or sparkle.And after tasting the fresh flavor and handcrafted quality of your home brews, you and your friends will prefer them to the commercial brands available. All beer mixes are made of 100 natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives. Your microbrewery kit includes: Advanced Poly Vinyl Chloride Brew Keg Fermenter (2.5 gal.) , 1 Can West Coast Pale Ale beer mix , 1 Single Serving Booster Pouch , Brewing with Mr BeerŪ booklet, filled with brewing tips and recipes , 8 big, reusable, amber quart plastic beer bottles and screw caps, Simple, complete and easy to follow instructions.
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