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Learning Company Kid Pix Deluxe
Invites artistic kids to paint, stamp, scribble, write, imagine, and explore!

Requirement:300MHz or faster, 128 MB RAM, 600 MB for full install 800x600, 16-bit, 4x CD-ROM System requirements - Mac - G3 333 MHz or faster, 128 MB RAM, 600 MB for full install, 800x600, thousands of colors, 4x CD-ROM

 Learning Company Kid Pix Deluxe

Designed with extensive input from teachers and students. Ability to control which graphics libraries are active for a project. Bilingual - English/Spanish Support.

A 17% larger workspace, visible menu bar, tool tips, and help movies make Kid Pix Deluxe 4 for Kids easier to use. Kid Pix Deluxe 4 Home Edition has all the creative functionality one would expect, from selecting from an array of art mediums (paint, watercolor, airbrush, pencil, crayon, marker, chalk, etc.) to using various finishing techniques (stickers, stamps,typeface, etc.).

In addition, the software can add special effects (animate, smudge, smear, warp twist, etc.) for a wacky look, suggest ideas and backgrounds to help get creative juices flowing, and import digital photos to personalize. For more than 10 years, Kid Pix has been the graphics software of choice for educators, parents, and, most importantly, kids! Photo Fun - Add and customize your own pictures! For Ages 4 and Up!
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OS: Mac OSX Native and Windows XP/2000
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