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LeapFrog Little Leaps System
LeapFrog interactive little leaps for age: 9 Months - 36 Months

 LeapFrog Little Leaps System

The Little Leaps Grow-with-Me Learning System transforms as your child learns and grows—inspiring learning in children 9 through 36 months! The 2-mode system introduces children to fun, on-screen learning experiences that change with every touch.
In Baby Mode, the chunky buttons on the wireless controller are perfect for little hands, and the activities introduce basic concepts such as first words, colors, shapes, and emotions. When your toddler is ready, you simply flip over the top of the activity controller to reveal a directional controller, perfect for toddlers. In Toddler Mode, children take charge of the action and explore more advanced learning concepts, such as letters, numbers, counting and more.
The Little Leaps interactive learning disc library is specifically designed to work with the two modes of the controller. Baby titles work only in Baby Mode and Toddler titles work only in Toddler Mode, so that your child is exposed to age-appropriate learning concepts in the correct sequence.

Stage 1: Baby Mode • Interactive learning discs begin with a special view-and-learn mode. Stage 2: Baby Mode • Parents and baby play and learn together. Stage 3: Baby Mode • Baby develops the skills to play and learn independently. Stage 1: Toddler Mode • Transform the activity controller and explore more advanced learning activities that let toddlers take charge of the action. Stage 2: Toddler Mode • Toddlers master advanced concepts by playing engaging quiz games and activities. In both modes, activities feature a captivating mix of puppetry, animation and live action. Every activity can be played in English, Spanish, French or German. The system comes with: a 2-in-1 wireless activity controller, interactive learning disc with three sample games, and a parent Guide with additional learning tips The controller interacts with DVD players and can be set up for use on three different DVD players. TV and DVD player required. Compatible with most DVD players (similar to a universal remote).
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