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LEGO Mindstorms
Beautiful gift for your pre-teens. Age : 10 at 18 years

 LEGO Mindstorms

Mindstorms NXT combines the power of the LEGO building system, an intelligent brick, and easy-to-use drag and drop programming software. With the Quickstart Guide, you will have a robot ready for action within 30 minutes. Mindstorms NXT empowers you to build and program robots that do what you want! Five main themes (8 different models): Vehicle: Roverbot, Animal, Scorpio. Machine: Robotic Arm Human: Humanoid Gadgets: clock, music, game and movers. The models are built within the LEGO Technic System. All models can be programmed to perform differently. We aim to make models very simple, intuitive, durable and easy to build. All the models have different way of moving, using the sensors, reactions and behaviors. Each model is provided with building instruction, tips and tricks, ways to test your model and ways to program. Contains 571 pieces.

Set includes: NXT programmable LEGO brick, ultrasonic sensor, sound sensor, light sensor, touch sensor, 3 interactive servo motors, USB cable, 7 6-wire cables, building instructions, user guide, Quickstart guide, easy to use software and test panel. 6 AA batteries not included.

3 Interactive Servo motors feature built-in rotation sensors to align speed for precise control and new sound sensor reacts to sound commands, patterns and tones.

519 specially selected LEGO TECHNIC elements for sturdy and durable. building and improved functionality and movement. Intuitive, icon-based drag-and-drop program "building" environment.
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