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HD Advance 3.0 PS2 Seagate
Install and run connected to your console!

 HD Advance 3.0 PS2 Seagate

The PS2 is capable of reading data from a hard disk drive much faster than it can read from a CD or DVD. Using HDAdvance to run your games from a hard disk drive leads to significantly reduced game loading times. Never again will you need to endure painfully slow loading times which plague so many games!

HDAvance, the popular HDLoader successor, comes to you now enhanced with full backup and original game storage! This makes gaming more convenient by allowing you to store your games (original and backups) on a hard disk drive, eliminating the need to change discs each time you wish to play a different game.

HDAdvance’s user interface is designed with simplicity in mind – boot up HDAdvance and begin playing your games without wasting any time navigating through a complex user interface.

When this Seagate 7200 RPM hard drive, with 120GB / 160GB / 200GB (Optional) capacity is added, Your Gaming Life will change Instantly! It's ideal for speed-intensive applications like digital video editing and the latest games. You will be able to copy Games to HDD and Play off of the menu.

The intuitive user interface allows easy management of games currently installed on your hard disk drive. Add or remove games with the push of a button.

Pal Version 2.0 and Comes with a slide card for loading backups!
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