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Fisher Price Pooh Knows Your Name Plush Doll
A personalized, interactive and fun-loving friend Pooh!

 Fisher Price Pooh Knows Your Name Plush Doll

Pooh Knows Your Name is a 12" cuddly character that incorporates your kid's name and favorite things into Pooh's phrases and songs. This plush Pooh doll features over 100 games, phrases and stories. Pooh knows your child's birth date and name and can also be programmed to know favorite colors, animals, drink and foods.

Winnie the Pooh comes with a USB cable, as well as a CD Rom. Using your computer, parent's can download the child's name and favorite things into Pooh. He also has an internal clock so that the content of what it said will change depending on the time of day (morning, noon and night).

Pooh will sing several songs and tell stories that incorporate the personalized information downloaded into him. Knows Your Name brand is the only character based toy that actually knows your child's name and favorite things so children feel that they are interacting with a "real" live special friend. Age Range: 18 months and up!
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