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Dora the Explorer Saves the Snow Princess
Join Dora and Boots in a snowy adventure! DVD, Wii, DS and more!

 Dora the Explorer Saves the Snow Princess

Product Description: Grab your gloves and hat and get ready for a wintery journey with Dora. With help from new friends like the Snow Fairy as well as Boots, Swiper and Pirate Piggy, you'll need to build a snowman, paddle a canoe, steer a dogsled and ride Pegasus.

With her cheerful nature, colorful faschion sense, and inquiring mind, Nickelodeon's adorable bilingual heroine Dora the Explorer has charmed both little kids and their parents alike.

Designed to simulate a computer game, the animated series follows the cute little Latina girl, her monkey pal Boots, and their anthropomorphic cohorts Map and Backpack as they set out on problem-solving adventures that encourage interaction and physical activity while teaching simple concepts such as counting, logic skills, and basic Spanish.

In this feature-length adventure, Dora and her pals go on a mission to save the Snow Princess from a diabolical witch. But will they make it in time to prevent the snowy forest from melting?

Available : Nintendo Wii, DVD, Nintendo DS and others
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