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DMS4 Lite ModChip Playstation 2 V1-V14
Official ModChip for Playstation 2 V1-V14! Works on Slim PSTwo!

 DMS4 Lite ModChip Playstation 2 V1-V14

MOD CHIPS are electronic chips that are added to your game console - modifying it to boot up all CDs or DVDs depending on the console. It allows you to play Import games, CD-R backups and DVD-R backups.

The chipkits include Full Color Online Wiring Diagrams, Installation Guide, Wires and Solder! The intended purpose of this chip is to allow you to use your game console to play imports and backups of software that you legally own, as is allowed by law. We accept no responsibility for the use of this device to play copies of games you do not own. Using the Modchip to modify your console will void your warranty.

The DMS4 Lite is the pinnacle of chips, ideal for users who require a reliable and full featured Modchip at a reasonable price. It is the follow up of the DMS3 which set the standard for PS2 Chips. Compatible with All Versions Including the NEW V12 PSTwo Slimline.

This new DMS4 Lite mod chip has unrivaled boot success rate and compatibility. The boot rate of DMS4 is right on 100%. The DMS4 Supports V1-V12 USA/ASIAN and PAL Playstation 2, including the new slimline console. With the DMS4 you watch all region DVD movies thanks to DVD region Free with RCE support. The chip also supports Loading Games from Hard Drive and Memory Card with its own application.
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