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Caillou Potty Time
It is Potty Time with Caillou

 Caillou Potty Time

Caillou is growing up, and the Compass series grows right along with him. The theme of each book reflects Caillou's - and readers' - growth and corresponds to appropriate stages of child development, as Caillou experiences new situations and becomes more aware of his independence. Created with the input of a child psychologist, the Compass books can also help children to understand and express their feelings while encouraging parents to talk to children about their emotions.

Caillou learns to ask for the potty when he needs it. Toilet training is an important step in child development. Adults are in a hurry, whereas toddlers have lots of time, and it is essential to respect their own internal rhythm.

All-time bestseller back in a new presentation! Great, effective educational stories totally redesigned with new illustrations and in a new format!

Also other books for Caillou: What Do You Like to Eat? While on a picnic in the park, Caillou discovers all kinds of interesting things about the food he eats.
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