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Caillou Favorite Songs
The beautiful music and song with Caillou. Songs to grow on.

 Caillou Favorite Songs

Try our music sampler to hear all song samples from this album. To hear a song sample, click on "Listen" by that sample. This collection contains 19 songs.

1. Theme Song LISTEN

2. Will You Be My Friend? lesson LISTEN

3. Gilbert My Cat LISTEN

4. We're Best Friends LISTEN

5. The Silly Train Song LISTEN

6. Let's Sing A Song LISTEN

7. Rub-A-Dub Bathtub Blues LISTEN

8. Oh, Gilbert! LISTEN

9. Days Of The Week LISTEN

10. The Recipe For Having Fun LISTEN

11. Chicken Pox LISTEN

12. Whatever Makes You Happy LISTEN

13. Drip Drop LISTEN

14. I Love To Go To The Zoo LISTEN

15. Animal Song LISTEN

16. My Special Friend LISTEN

17. Vacation LISTEN

18. Shooting Stars LISTEN

19. Goodnight LISTEN
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