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Blues Clues Art Time Activities
It's Art Time with Blue's Clues Coloring!

Requirement:Pentium 166 processor 32MB of RAM 4X CD-ROM Drive

 Blues Clues Art Time Activities

Create an abstract mural with Chalk girl, construct a diorama with Al Luminum, illustrate a storybook with Periwinkle and more. In 5 learning activities, explore abstract and traditional art forms, color, texture, and composition. Strengthen prediction, estimation, and problem-solving skills.

There is so much to do and learn with Blue!

You will end up with your own art portfolio with Steve and Blue’s
Art Time Activities!
5 Learning Activities!
Create blueprints to build your own Recycle Town.
Mix and match colors in the Playground Color Game.
Use geometric shapes in Chalk World.
Illustrate a story in Story Time.
Finish an invitation at the Craft Table.
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OS: Windows 95, 98, Me, XP also Macintosh :PowerPC, 132MHz System 7.5.3 32MB RAM 4X CD-ROM Drive
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