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Batman Batcave Remote Control RC Set
Fisher Price Geotrax DC Super Friends

 Batman Batcave Remote Control RC Set

Includes Batman and Riddler Figure
Turbo Batmobile RC Car and RC Controller
Jokemobile push vehicle and Riddlers Hideout
The Batcave and Snap Lock Track

Product Description
They can act out the adventures of Batman with exciting chases and so much to do! Drive your RC Batmobile up the ramp and into the cave where Batman can do vehicle repairs, put the bad guys in jail, or watch over Gotham City on his computer monitors.
When he sees the bat symbol in the sky he can jump into his Batmobile and drive out via his roundabout for a quick exit. Is it the Riddler is causing trouble again!
Batman will have to use this Turbo Batmobile to race to his hideout. If Batman isn't careful the Riddler is going to knock him off the track!
Batman can get back on track easily thanks to the help of the Easy Rail track piece! Then he will chase the Riddler and his Jokemobile! Once again Batman saves the day!
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