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Barbie Sleepover Party Puppies
Comes with collar, sleeping bag and eye mask in just her style!

 Barbie Sleepover Party Puppies

Each pup, The Barbie Sleepover Party Pups, has a unique look and her collar and charm, sleeping mask and sleeping bag all match her style!
These pups are great for taking to friends' sleepovers with their own easy-carry sleeping bags.
Take your fluffy friend out for a fun day of play, then lay her down to lull her to sleep with a nighttime lullaby.
Start your collection today!

Product Features
Hours of furry fun with this playful plush musical pup
Puppy barks and bops along to the music
Night time lullaby makes pup snore
Different play when the pet is awake or asleep
Comes with collar, sleeping bag and eye mask in just her style!
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