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Balderdash Games
The Classic Bluffing Games!

 Balderdash Games

Grab the bull by the horns: Balderdash is back! With new content and even a new category, this is a fresh way to separate the strange truth from creative fibs. The movie is called Buford's Beach Bunnies. Can you guess the plot? All players write down a fake plot, except the one who knows the real answer.

Mix up the responses and see if you can find the true answer. Is it about a hillbilly lifeguard? Is it about the rich owner of a barbecued rabbit sandwich empire? How about a 10-year-old who moves into the Playboy mansion? Categories are Weird Words, Marvelous Movies, Incredible Initials and Peculiar People. The answer? The real move is about a rabbit sandwich magnate. Comes with a game board, 336 game cards, an answer sheet pad, 6 movers, a die and instructions. For 2 or more players. 12 years and +.
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