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Bakugan Dragonoid Colossus
Transform with the Bakugan!

 Bakugan Dragonoid Colossus

This cool set includes 1 Bakugan, 4 attachable pieces of battle gear and the Colossus transformation hub.

Attach the battle gear to the closed Colossus, then drop in your Bakugan to watch it explode into a terrifying Dragonoid. When the galaxy is under siege, will you have what it takes to control this Colossal weapon? Roll your Bakugan and see whether your fate lies in victory or bitter defeat.

Dominate in battle with the Dragonoid Colossus! This monstrous warrior is the ultimate weapon in Bakugan warfare. Just attach the 4 exclusive Bakugan Battle Gear to the Transformation Hub, drop in the Battalix Dragonoid Bakugan, and witness its explosive transformation! Includes:
* 4 Bakugan Battle Gear
* 1 Bakugan
* 1 Transformation Hub
* 1 Metal Gate Card
* 1 Ability Card

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