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Aquarium Bath Center Tub
Special bath for infant. Age: Newborn to 24 Months

 Aquarium Bath Center Tub

The Fisher-Price 2006 Aquarium Bath Center will have your little flounder splishing and splashing through bath time. The bath tub will make bathing fun for your newborn, infant and toddler, and even for your. The Aquarium Bath Tub has some of the top features as far as tubs go. Fisher-Price makes some of the best kid products around and this is no exception.

This means that the Aquarium Bath Tub by Fisher-Price grows with your child. The tub comes with 2 toys to make bath time fun. Each stage on the Fisher-Price Bath Tub in the Aquarium design has an adjustable washing position. If features a soft sling that assists in the washing. In the newborn mode, the sling would be hung from both ends of the Bath Tub providing a safe and comfortable area for bathing. The sling on this Fisher-Price product has provided stability.

In the infant mode the sling sits along the narrow end of the tub and provides reclined head support for the infant. In the toddler mode, the 2006 Aquarium Bath Tub has the child sitting at the wider end to give more room and the sling would provide added support along the back wall. Remember, that the toddler mode is for when the child can sit up.
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