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Zoboomafoo Animal Alphabet
Entertaining zone game for baby. Printable coloring page!

Requirement:Processor: Pentium 166 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Free hard drive space: 5 MB, Video Card, Sound Card

 Zoboomafoo Animal Alphabet

Welcome to Zoo Junction! From Armadillos, Bears, Chameleons to Xenops, Yaks, and Zebras, it's a wonder-filled world where babies love learning about animals, the alphabet, early reading, and more! They'll jump, swim, crawl, fly, and climb to make new animal friends! This eye-popping adventure is filled with learning games, animal videos, and printable activities.

Discover & Learn: Interesting Animal Facts, Letters of the Alphabet, Animal Sounds, Early Phonics, Early Spelling, Colors & Creativity, Visual & Auditory Memory, Counting, Pattern Repetition, Following Instructions, Logical Reasoning, Critical Thinking, and Computer Mouse Skills. Special Features: 26 Unique Creatures, 8 Interactive Activities, Fun, Printable Activities, Real Animal Videos, Fun Zoboomafoo Songs, Creature Adventure Photo Album, and Printable Animal Flashcards. Come on, let's meet a rhinoceros and make pals with a penguin! Trial period: 30 minutes gameplay.
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OS: Windows 95/98 , 309 Mb
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