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Win DVD Creator 2 Gold
Create your own family movies is the fastest ans easiest!

Requirement:Intel Celeron 800 MHz - 128 MB RAM - Free hard drive space: 70 MB - Video Card - Sound Card with support to 48KHz playback

 Win DVD Creator 2 Gold

Integrated interface capture, edit, author, and burn, all from one easy-to-use interface - Amazing quality, with cleaner and sharper video and audio for superior quality DVDs -Advanced scene editing - record TV shows and easily delete commercials, or delete sections of your home movie based on the time line - Photo slideshow - present a collection of still photos in a slideshow format - Enhanced menu settings - resize buttons, play music in the background, or have video clips run behind your DVD menu - Editing includes redo and undo features - Direct recording - record video directly from your camera to a disc, without waiting - UniPass technology that combines editing and authoring into one quick step - Support for all formats - record in DVD-RRW, DVD-VR, and DVD Video.
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OS: Windows 2000/98/Me/XP , 92 Mb
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