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Tradewinds 2
Discover uncharted ports and new world every time you play!

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Requirement:Processor: P4 400 MHz - DirectX 8 - 64 MB RAM - Free hard drive space: 15 MB - 3D Accelerator 16MB DirectX 8 - DirectX-compliant Sound Card

 Tradewinds 2

This strategy game is encounter a fascinating new world. Amass a fortune by buying and selling goods. Earn enough gold to upgrade your ship and engage in land and sea battles. Then be a master commander, defeating pirates and plundering their gold! Next, try trading contraband, risking seizures, but reaping larger returns. Or play it safe and trade goods, gradually amassing wealth and power. It's up to you! Two game modes and over sixty hours of gameplay await you. Play Tradewinds 2 and explore your new world!

Buy low and sell high in 20 different ports with 10 different goods
Choose one of 5 characters or create and customize your own
Embark on over 100 swashbuckling adventures
Customize seven different ships
Lay siege to ports and dominate the seas
Over 60 hours of gameplay.
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OS: Windows 98/98SE /2000/2003/Me/NT/XP , 12 Mb