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Star Defender 2
Fabulous space shooter you get a chance to destroy the Armies of the Invaders

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Requirement:DirectX: 8.1 - Display: Direct3D Video Card - CPU: PII 500Mhz PC

 Star Defender 2

In this fabulous space shooter you get a chance to destroy the Armies of the Invaders, wars, and save the Galaxy, stars! Only few managed to survive in that war… Our army lost the battle, our houses razed to the ground. And at the moment when everything seemed to be lost, several lucky pilots did the thing, which no one expected them to do.

They broke loose from the enemies' encirclement on their smallStar Defender fast pursuit planes and left the solar system. There was the only one way for them to be chosen - to go to the Cynosure and ask its inhabitants for help. Once the Earth did a favor to the people of Cynosure and now it was time for them to repay.

With more than 100 Levels and over 30 unique enemies, including 7 Boss Monsters, it's a fight for your life! With 17 cool ship bonuses and upgrades, you may find yourself dazzled!
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OS: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows NT , 8 Mb