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SquareOff Gold
Test your abilities with this online game!

Requirement:Processor: PII 350 MHz - Directx 8.0 - 128 MB RAM - Free hard drive space: 10 MB - SVGA Video Card

 SquareOff Gold

By combining simple rules with special tiles, SquareOff creates a strategy game that will test your abilities for hours. Your objective is simple. You must remove all of the stars from the board. The catch is that different pieces have different attributes, and each piece played can change the board and your entire strategy. Challenge yourself today and try SquareOff Gold!

Three thrilling games -- Strategy, Timed, and Puzzle. Dazzling graphics, enhanced animations, and great music. Three challenging skill levels -- Novice, Master, and Guru. A virtually unlimited number of play levels.
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OS: Windows 2000/98/Me/NT 4.0/XP , 5 Mb