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Intervideo DVD Copy
Copy your movies onto DVD or CD in just few steps!

Requirement:PIII 600 MHz - Directx 8.1 - Free hard drive space: 20 MB - Video Card: 256 Color Display - Sound Card with support to 48KHz playback - CD-ROM - DVD-ROM

 Intervideo DVD Copy

InterVideo DVD Copy is the fastest and easiest way to duplicate your movies onto DVD or CD in just three easy steps. The Direct Burn feature copies from your DVD-ROM drive directly to your CD or DVD burner, making it four times faster to copy to VCD and two times faster to copy to DVD. Now you can edit your DVD videos. With DVD Copy, you can select the elements of your DVD, including the ability to remove subtitles, cut commercials, and copy only select chapters. Note: InterVideo DVD Copy cannot be used to copy CSS-encrypted discs. InterVideo DVD Copy is regularly priced at $49.95, but you can get here for 40% less! DVD to DVD - DVD to VCDSVCD - DVD to DivX CD - DVD to your hard drive in MPEG-12 or DivX - Note our great 2995 pricing versus the street price of 3999.
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OS: Windows 2000/XP , 11 Mb
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