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Game Cloner
Supporting most DVD game players!

 Game Cloner

Elaborately designed for multi-level game players, GAME-CLONER enables you to play various kinds of games, PC games or TV games, CD games or DVD games, whatever they are! Types of disks supported by Game-Cloner: PC-Game, PLAYSTATION, XBOX, PLAYSTATION 2, DreamCarst, SEGA Saturn, 3DO, PC-FX .... All CD/DVD Games. 1.Perfect whole-disk burning. 2.Creating image files. 3.Burning image files. 4.Virtual drive and complete operation of image files. 5. High-speed burning! 7 minutes to burn a CD and 15 minutes to burn a DVD. 6. Supporting a variety of burners! 7. Powerful virtual drive in GAME-CLONER, which makes playing games more convenient and more games available and, above all, your own DVD-ROM greatly saved.
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