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Caillou Four Seasons of Fun
Join Caillou and discover the wonders of each new season.

Requirement:Processor: PII 266 MHz, DirectX, 16-bits Video Card DirectX

 Caillou Four Seasons of Fun

Discover the wonders of each new season. Join Caillou as he explores what nature has to offer. Build a snowman in winter or help Caillou rake the colorful leaves of fall. Splash into summer or spring into playtime! Children discover the joys of nature through puzzles, songs, and problem-solving games.

Discover & Learn: Spelling, Sorting, Rhyming, Sequencing, Measurement, Visual Observation, Decision Making, Early Reading, Letter Recognition, and Number Identification. Learning about life, one adventure at a time! Nature is amazing. What a joy!

Picture Perfect: Look around and see what's wrong. Select the items that don't belong.

Race Along: See how fast Caillou can race! Jump and duck to win first place!

See-Saw Fun: Play on the see-saw with Caillou's friends. Balance his playmates on both ends.
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OS: Windows 98/2000/Me/XP , 270 Mb
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