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Baby Drive
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Requirement:600MHz or faster Processor, RAM: 128 MB

 Baby Drive

Who doesn't want to relive their childhood for a while? Here's your chance with Baby Drive!

Help keep this baby happy by playing all kinds of games. Use your coordination to direct him around the screen in almost countless levels and mini games. See if you can come in first place, then try again if you don't make it.

Among your tasks will be the following: collect water drops, throw weight as far as possible, guide pieces of constructor to the doorway, push a ball through checkpoints, etc. Easy and intuitive controls allow you move, rotate or stop your baby. In compliance with your performance you may come in first place and amaze your family with the result Join this baby in some childhood fun!

Replay any level. Original game mechanic. Cute graphics. Try this non-violent and amusing game today!
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OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows Vista , 15 Mb